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State pension age

How state pension age will change

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The Woman in White 150th anniversary project - the original text week by week.
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why IIII not IV is used on most clock-faces. And
how do you write a million in Roman?
Plus a tough quiz


Make a date with a Roman but when is PRID. KAL. IVL.?
The Roman calendar explained and converted
Understand Victorian coinage  
Where 'two and six' does not make eight.
And 1 and 11 +1 = 2
Pounds, shillings and pence explained
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now the only currency of 35 states and territories; another 7 will join in the future; 24 use currencies pegged to it;
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I am a freelance journalist and broadcaster. I specialise in four things

I broadcast every Saturday on BBC Radio 4, presenting Money Box at noon. I also present the phone-in Money Box Live in alternate months, on Wednesdays at 3pm. I write a finance feature and a page of finance news every month for Saga Magazine and a Claim It Back piece fortnightly on the Saga website. I write leaflets on benefits and inheritance tax. I appear on Breakfast on BBC One on Saturdays just after 0845 and on Thursdays around 0640 and 0820. I also appear on the BBC News Channel and on various Radio 4 programmes such as Today, World at One, PM, You and Yours as well as radio stations in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and BBC local radio. I have a number of smaller clients and I chair events and speak at conferences for the financial services industry and consumer bodies. I offer a daily financial news and comment service through Twitter - and run this website.  

 I am always interested in good stories. If you think you have one, please e-mail me.  And it‘s the same address if you‘re offering me work.

Please note that I never assign copyright absolutely and I never waive my moral rights.

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