There are two parts to this section. You can check up on my professional life and see who called me "a fearless and unnerving interviewer", who said I could "politely nail industry bosses to the studio wall" who chose to describe me as "a long-haired terrier" and who as "an estimable journalist".. You can also find out how to offer me work as a journalist - or a small hairy dog!

Or you can get some information about the rest of my life. Neither is very interesting. And as you can see I look much the same with both hats off.

The BBC reimburses me for any expenses I incur when travelling to make Money Box or other programmes. This money comes from taxpayers via the Licence Fee. So I now declare how much I have claimed since I started doing Money Box nine years ago.

The total (updated August 2010) comes to £4669.09 which is about £10.10 a week for the weeks covered. That includes four foreign trips for Radio 4. Click here to find out the full details about my expenses including scans of the receipts. They are largely a collector’s guide to the changing format of London Transport Travelcards and the price of a cappuccino around the UK.

When you're bored with me - and my expenses - please look at the Wilkie Collins pages, which are far more interesting.

And if you've come here by mistake, the other Paul Lewis you are looking for could be here.

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