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So you may have found my web pages by mistake.

In the UK there are 1131 people called Paul Lewis (and 64,360 altogether with the surname Lewis) registered to vote and who allow their name to be on the public electoral roll. These numbers get less useful by the year as more people tick the privacy box on the electoral registration form making the data less complete. The electronically published document now only contains around 60% of the electorate. So assuming Paul Lewises are as paranoid as anyone else that implies there are in fact about 1900 in the UK. Around the world there are thousands more.

Here are a few namesakes, some of whom have been confused with me. It would be wrong to conclude that most Paul Lewises are academics, journalists, artists or musicians. They are just the ones most likely to have websites or be mentioned on the internet. There are many others. If you are one and want to be on the list e-mail me. Several already have. The names are, of course, sorted alphabetically in this L to L guide.

Another list of Paul Lewises is in Wikipedia. My brief entry is here

Paul Lewis is a concert pianist who specialises in Beethoven. His agent is Ingpen & Williams

Paul Lewis is Special Projects Editor at the The Guardian, but he’s not me! Tweets as www.twitter.com/PaulLewis

Paul Lewis runs the www.love6music.com website which is credited with saving BBC Radio 6 Music from being closed down. Tweets as www.twitter.com/RealPaulLewis

Paul Lewis QC is a barrister who works from 30 Park Place chambers

Paul Lewis is an osteopath in Stony Stratford. The Cock and Bull story about the origins of the phrase 'cock and bull story' is a cock and bull story (probably).

Paul Lewis is an optician in Northampton.

Paul Lewis of Brighton has a prize-winning natural moustache. He was the 2007 World Champion in that category.

Paul Lewis is a composer who writes music for films and television programmes. He has the domain www.paullewiscomposer.co.uk .

Paul Lewis tells me he runs a Project Management consultancy and lives in Ascot with Emma his wife and daughter Georgia. And he loves football. Ah well. Find out more from paul.lewis@uk.bp.com

Paul Lewis works for the Economist Intelligence Unit and is editor of its Executive Briefing.

Paul Lewis is an artist living in Wiltshire. As well as www.paullewispaintings.com he also owns paullewisart.co.uk.

Paul Lewis is a musician and children's internet game developer based in Bath, UK.

Paul Lewis is a marketing and PR man in Southampton and has the domain www.thelewisexperience.co.uk.

Paul Lewis is also in marketing - 'affiliate marketing' in his case - and he owns the domain www.pglewis.co.uk. The 'G is for Graham. And he is another Paul Lewis that seems to like football.

Paul Lewis runs a design agency in London specialising in e-commerce websites. Tweets as www.twitter.com/paullewisdesign. His domain www.paullewisdesign.co.uk is often confused with the American designer listed below at www.paullewisdesign.com

Paul Lewis is an academic at the Lancaster University Management School doing research into virtual organisations.

Paul Lewis is a litigation partner specialising in insurance at London solicitors Herbert Smith.

Paul Lewis is Newton Trust Lecturer and Fellow at Selwyn College Cambridge.

Paul Lewis took these pictures of The Fall.

Paul Lewis, another journalist, writes for the South Wales Evening Post, and is not me either.

Paul G Lewis is professor of European Politics at the Open University.

Another Paul G Lewis is in affiliate marketing (don't ask) and he owns the domain www.pglewis.co.uk. The 'G is for Graham. 

Paul H Lewis is an academic specialising in multimedia knowledge management at the University of Southampton.


Paul Lewis is an application developer at Fantasy Interactive in Stockholm. www.twitter.com/aerotwist


Paul Lewis sells ethnographic and textile art in Brisbane and has the domain name www.lewispaul.com where you can see some of it.

Paul Lewis is a family law specialist with a Sydney solicitors.

Paul Lewis is a professional Firefighter in Melbourne, Australia. He is one of 1700 firefighters with the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board in Victoria.

South Africa
Paul Lewis is an artist specialising in landscapes and buildings in watercolour and ink.

Paul Lewis is an American rock singer who runs what he calls The Official Paul Lewis website at www.paul-lewis.com .

Paul E Lewis sells financial products in some states of the USA and owns the domain name www.paullewis.com

Paul Lewis is professor of English at Boston College.

Paul Lewis is an evangelical Brooklyn based Christian who was found not guilty in June of teen sex charges in his native Jamaica. Still facing other charges.

Paul Lewis is the Adjunct Fellow (really) at the Public Policy Institute of California, a local government and development specialist.

Paul Lewis is with bloggers for Bush. Sadly a supporter of the former US President.

Paul Lewis is professor of Law at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Paul Lewis is a photographer and journalism student in Wisconsin.

Paul Lewis runs a one man design consultancy in St Paul, Minnesota "great graphic designer, mediocre dancer" he writes. Not to be confused with the London based designer at www.paullewisdesign.co.uk

Paul A Lewis is a sculptor in Santa Fe.

Paul Daniel Lewis enjoys fishing, reading mystery novels and watching his daughter play volleyball. He has a blog but it was rather out of date when I last looked.

Paul H Lewis has an eccentric home page mainly of his album sleeves. He also owns Asian fusion restaurants.

Paul O Lewis runs a plant laboratory at the University of Connecticut.

Paul Owen Lewis is an author and illustrator who lives in Washington State “on an island …surrounded by water.” He has the domain paulowenlewis.com.

Paul S Lewis sells homes in the Colorado mountains and has the paullewis.net domain.

Paul T Lewis has a great moustache and is Professor of Psychology and Philosophy at Bethel College, Kansas.

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