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First published in January 1851 by Richard Bentley, this book is an account of a walking tour in the summer of 1850 by Wilkie and his friend Henry Charles Brandling who contributed the 12 lithographs published with it. Originally issued in brown blindstamped boards with gilt title, author and publisher on spine.

The title page of the first edition. The reference to 'The Author of "The Life of William Collins, R.A.;" "Antonina," &c.' is a little disingenuous, or at least the '&c' is. Those were his only two published books and only one earlier piece in the periodicals has been identified.

The Land's End, frontispiece. 

St. Germains Church, facing p.23.

Looe, facing page 29.
The Cheese-Wring, fp 65.
Loo-Pool, fp 115
Kynance Cove, fp 135
St. Michael's Mount, fp 165
Lamorna Cove, fp 188.
The Loggan Rock, fp189.
Tol-Peden-Penwith, fp 193.
Lanhearne, fp 268.
Tintagel Castle, fp 280.

Two extracts were published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine in April 1851 under the titles 'The Pilchard Fishery on the Coast of Cornwall' and 'Visit to a Copper Mine.'
The second edition of Rambles was published a year after the first, on 9 January 1852. It contained corrections to a few misprints, a new 'advertisement' actually a preface, was no longer dedicated to the Duke of Northumberland, and the twelve lithographs were tinted differently.
St. Germains Church, facing p.23.
Lamorna Cove, fp 188.
The New Edition, actually the third, was published in 1861 in green cloth decorated in blind with gilt title, author, and publisher on the spine. It was dedicated to Henry C Brandling.
Rambles Beyond Railways was pirated in the USA by by the Philadelphia publisher T B Peterson under the title Sights A-Foot. Peterson used the second edition but there were no illustrations and the appendix and preface was omitted.
The title page contained a wood engraving based loosely on Brandling's lithograph and Wilkie is now called 'Author of "Antonina", "The Woman in White," etc.' Wilkie added a new preface dated March, 1861, deleted two chapters completely and added another piece 'The Cruise of the Tom Tit' first published in Household Words.
The frontispiece is based on Brandling's lithograph of Lamorna Cove. The originals were, Wilkie said, now no longer in existence.
Dust jacket of the 1948 edition by Westaway Books with an introduction by Ashley Rowe. It is a reprint of the 1861 edition. 
Cover of the 1982 edition showing St. Mawgan in the Vale of Lanherne from a 19C print. The church spire is recognisable from Brandling's plate xi, fp.268.
Title page of the 1982 edition published by Anthony Mott with an introduction by J C Trewin. It is a paperback, no.5 in The Cornish Library series. A reprint of the 1861 edition.

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