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Title page of first edition of Antonina published by Richard Bentley in 1850.
Title page of first US edition of Antonina published by Harper & Brothers in 1850. This is the first US publication of anything by Wilkie and was the start of a long relationship with Harper.
Cover and spine of the first one-volume edition, Sampson Low, Son, and Co. 1861 with steel engraving by R Young.
Steel engraving signed R. Young sr. on the vignette half title first dated 1860 and first published in the 1861 one volume edition by Sampson Low, Son and Co.
Cover of 1875 edition of Antonina published by Chatto and Windus with seven illustrations by Alfred Concanen (1835-1886).
"'Light!' cried the priest. 'His damnation be on his own head!'" p400
facing page 21
"He followed the different movements of the poultry with an earnestness of attention which seemed almost idiotic in its ridiculous intensity."
facing page 78
"'To your chamber!' thundered Numerian, as she knelt sobbing convulsively over those hapless fragments." 
facing page 142
"The divinity of mercy had now braced the determination of the young Goth to meet all emergencies."
facing page 174
"Nothing had been discovered!--he was still safe!"
facing page 261
"'Strike! I yield not!'"
facing page 310
"The Banquet of Famine."

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