Macready's Reminiscences

William Charles Macready (1793-1873) was an actor and theatre manager. His two volume Reminiscences were published after his death, edited from his papers and diaries by Sir Frederick Pollock. One brief mention of Wilkie Collins concerns one of Dickens’s amateur productions of The Frozen Deep which Macready saw.

In 1857 Macready was in London in the beginning of the year, and assisted as a spectator at the private theatrical performances* given by Dickens at his residence, Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, of which he wrote to Lady Pollock: "It was remarkably, extraordinarily clever, in all respects. The acting uncommonly good; I mean positively so, and rendered so much more effective by the general harmony of the party. I do not wonder at your having recourse to your cambric. The performance excited me very much."

*’The Frozen Deep,’ by Wilkie Collins, and Buckstone’s farce of ‘Uncle John.’

From Macready’s Reminiscences, and Selections from His Diaries and Letters ed. Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart, vol II p409.

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