To Charles Thomas, 23 June 1879

ALS envelope to C Thomas, Messrs Robson and Sons. 99x120mm with prepaid 1 penny oval stamp top right, postmarked [Monday] 23 June 1879 signed bottom left. See earlier letter for notes.

The Public Face of Wilkie Collins III 250.

[Printed oval stamp POSTAGE PAID ONE PENNY]
[Postmark LONDON . W D7 JU 23 79]

Mr C. Thomas
Messrs Robson & Sons
20. Pancras Road

Wilkie Collins


Wilkie sent numerous communications to these printers who were at the time working on The Fallen Leaves. This envelope may have been the one enclosing a letter, now at Princeton, "...I have one last trifling correction to make...Revise of 30th Portion Slip 120..." The letter is dated 21 June, a Saturday, and it is conceivable that this letter was posted too late for the Saturday collection, remained in the box on Sunday and was picked up early on Monday 23 June and postmarked that date at both ends of its journey.

Collins used these prepaid envelopes right up to the end of his life in 1889.

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