To Charles Thomas, 27 February 1879

ALS to Charles Thomas [Thursday] 27 February 1879. Thomas worked at Robson, printers of The World which was serialising The Fallen Leaves. The letter itself is in another collection and reads

"Dear sir, When you send me the proofs and Revises on Saturday next, will you kindly add one more Revise of Weekly Portion 13 which begins on slip 50. Excuse the trouble I am giving you. I have had to send an extra Revise of Thirteenth Portion to America and have no Revise for myself. Faithfully yrs Wilkie Collins."

The Public Face of Wilkie Collins III 232.

Mr C. Thomas

Messrs Robson & Sons


20. Pancras Road


Wilkie Collins

[FEB 28




A series of 12 letters and envelopes to Thomas is known from 24 October 1878 to 23 June 1879 which represent a small fraction of those that must have been sent. There are two more on these pages 11 June 1879 and 23 June 1879.

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