1866 aged 42

This image was published in John Bigelow Retrospections of an Active Life vol. V Doubleday, Page & Company, New York 1913 fp 130. The book was prepared by Bigelow's son using his parents' papers. It is clearly taken from the series of Elliott & Fry pictures taken in 1866 which Wilkie may have sent to Bigelow's wife Jane after their first meeting in January 1867. He certainly sent her a signed extract from The Woman in White dated 28 January 1867 (BGLL II 62-63 [0725]). Wilkie wrote to his mother on 29 January 1867 "Dined yesterday with Forster and met Mr & Mrs Bigelow (the late Ambassador and Ambassadress of America at Paris). Most charming people the lady pretty, sprightly, unaffected and so fond of my books that you would have been charmed with her too." (BGLL II 64 [0727])

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