In 1861 Sampson Low bought the copyrights of some of Wilkie's earlier novels and began a uniform edition of them. Eventually seven titles titles were published. The Dead Secret was one of the first.


frontispiece to 1861 edition frontispiece to Piccadilly edition from 1875
Most of the Sampson titles had a frontispiece by Sir John Gilbert RA (1817-1897), engraved by H Adlard. This one bears the chapter heading of Book III Chapter I Timon of London and depicts Treverton addressing Shrowl "What do you mean by that?...You ugly brute you've got a clean shirt on!". The picture was re-used with a new inscription by Chatto & Windus for their Piccadilly edition. It was also reproduced in an American edition of Wilkie's works published by Peter Fenelon Collier, New York 1895
The 1861 and 1862 title pages from the same uniform edition.

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