Map of journey
22-25 January 1838

map Autoroute Express

The Collins family moved back to Naples in November 1837, having stayed at Sorrento and then on the island of Ischia. The journey from Naples to Pompeii [today, Pompeii indicates the Roman town; Pompei is the spelling of the modern town] is around 18 miles (29km) and it is then a similar distance from Pompeii to Vietri sul Mare. From there by boat to Amalfi is about nine miles (14.5km). The walk to Ravello is not far - about 3.5 miles (5,7km) by road - but Ravello is around 1300 feet (375 m) higher than Amalfi. The walk from Ravello, to Scala and then down the steps to Amalfi is more direct and shorter than the road journey - and downhill. From Amalfi by road to Vietri is just over 12 miles (20km) now, and uses much of the road that was new in Collins's time. Then the journey took five hours by ass. By car today, depending on the traffic, the winding and breathtaking route takes around 40 minutes.

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