To Alfred Nutting, 25 April 1877

ALS to Alfred Nutting, dated [Monday] 25 April 1887 from 90 Gloucester Place. Single sheet of cream machine made paper 155x201mm, watermarked HIER...CA a Vegetab)H.S...V, fine, folded once, integral blank.

The Public Face of Wilkie Collins IV 247.

[engraved black monogram left]

25th April 1887

Dear Sir, 

Pray oblige me by 
conveying the expression of 
my thanks to the Council of 
your Association. I am 
very sensible of the compliment 
which is implied in your kind 
suggestion. But I must beg 
you to excuse me if I fail 
to profit by it --- for reasons 
which only relate to myself. 

Faithfully yours

Wilkie Collins

Alfred Nutting Esq.

Alfred Nutting (b.1867) was, in 1891, Assistant Secretary to the British and Foreign Correspondent Association. Wilkie was frequently being asked to join councils and boards of worthy societies. He normally declined. 

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