To Alexander Pollock Watt, 10 October 1885






A. P. Watt Esqre

117. Alexandra Road

St. John’s Wood


Wilkie Collins


Alexander Pollock Watt was Wilkie Collins's agent from December 1881 until Wilkie's death. Copies of Watt's letters indicate that he visited Collins on Friday 9th October 1885 and the letter in this envelope presumably confirmed or developed the discussions they had that day. According to Watt's earlier letter he wanted to discuss Wilkie's plans for a new short story which became 'The Girl at the Gate' published in The Spirit of the Times in New York on 6 December. They also discussed Wilkie's plans to travel to Ramsgate for the sea air the following week and pirate editions in America of his short story 'Royal Love' which was first published The Spirit of the Times in New York on 26 December 1884.

Stamped with mauve ‘postage and inland revenue one penny’ stamp. Postmarked recto and verso 10 October 1885.

The 1881 Census records that Watt lived at this address with his wife Bertha, their four children and his wife's mother and sister together with a cook and a nurse (RG11/170/87).




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