To John Palgrave Simpson

ALS to John Palgrave Simpson. Single sheet of blue machine made paper, no watermark, 179x226mm, folded, integral blank, 1 cm tear on first page down fold not affecting text. Dated [Friday] 24 June 1881.

The Public Face of Wilkie Collins III 299.


24th June 1881

My dear Palgrave Simpson

If you happen to
be in the neighbourhood
of the Athenaeum
on the day of the
ballot -- Monday
next, between 4
and 6 -- will you
oblige me by voting
for my friend,
Mr Charles Kent?
I have seconded
him -- in the
place of poor Dickens.

Always truly yours
Wilkie Collins

Palgrave Simpson Esq

The Athanaeum club in Pall Mall was founded in 1824. Wilkie's father William Collins was a founder member and Wilkie was elected in April 1861 and remained a member until his death. 

Charles Kent (1823-1902) was a friend of Collins and an admirer of Dickens. 

John Palgrave Simpson (1807-1887), was a novelist and travel writer who was a friend of Collins. Several letters to him are extant.

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