To Bernhard Tauchnitz, 12 February 1869

Single sheet, cream laid paper, thin black mourning border, no watermark, integral blank leaf 205x133mm. [Friday] 12 February 1869. Traces of folds. Fine.

The Public Face of Wilkie Collins II 128

90. Gloucester Place
Portman Square
February 12th 1869

My Dear Sir,
I thank you very 
sincerely for the 
beautiful specimen 
of German Printing 
and German Binding 
which you have 
so kindly sent to 
me. You have 
added one more to 
the many agreeable 
associations which I 
connect with "The 
Tauchnitz Editions", 
in adding your thousandth 
Volume to my little 

Believe me 
Vy truly yours
Wilkie Collins

Baron von Tauchnitz

Wilkie uses mourning paper for his mother's death on 19 March 1868 

Bernhard Tauchnitz 1816-1895 or Baron von Tauchnitz was a Liepzig publisher who specialised in publishing the works of English authors for the benefit of travellers. He published 28 books under Wilkie's name plus two with Dickens - from After Dark in 1856 to Blind Love in 1890 and always paid him for them, although international copyright law did not oblige him to do so. Tauchnitz's 1000th volume was the Bible, and was recorded as published on 11 February 1869. Presentation copies bound in red morocco, all edges gilt, with gilt lettering on the front were sent to various authors including Charlotte Yonge (see Todd & Bowden p187-188). A copy was found in Wilkie's library at his death (see Baker Wilkie Collins's Library 2002 p164).

See also the letter about customs clearance of a Tauchnitz volume 

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