The Skittle Players 1832

William Collins R.A. 1788-1847

Signed lower left William Collins 1832, oil on canvas, 86x111cm.

This painting was one of Collins's best. It was fully described by his son Wilkie in his biography of his father published in 1848. 

Originally bought by George Young for 400 in 1844, he sold it at auction in either 1856 or 1866 for 1150 guineas (1207.50). The buyer was S Mendel who then sold it in 1875 for twice as much - 2300gns or 2415. It was sold again in 1907 and then disappeared into a private collection, only surfacing in a sale at Sotheby's in London 30 November 2000 where it was lot 27. It sold for 82,000 - around 95,000 with premium and VAT. Almost certainly a record price for a William Collins picture.

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