QUIZ - revised and harder!

    1. What is the longest number between 1 and 2000 when depicted in Roman numerals?
    2. How much higher than 2000 must you look to find a longer one?

  2. What English words are also correctly formed Roman numbers?

  3. There are seven letters used as Roman numerals I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.
    1. How many valid Roman numbers can be made using these seven letters just once each?
    2. What is the smallest?
    3. What is the biggest?

  4. How many English words can you make using only letters from the Roman numeral alphabet - C D I L M V X? (each letter can be used more than once or not at all)

    1. What is the lowest value Roman number with 6 characters between 1 and 2000?
    2. What is the highest?

  6. Find seven five-letter English words using only letters from the Roman numeral alphabet
    1. How many of these seven can be rearranged into valid Roman numbers?
    2. What is the biggest and the smallest of these numbers?

  7. I married Lisa in Acton church. What year was our wedding?

Roman numeral quiz version 1.1, 10 Jan 1999


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