This piece first appeared in The Weekly Telegraph on 22 March  2000
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Blaze MP and wife buried in single coffin



Paul Lewis writes: Three days before the funeral of Michael Colvin MP and his wife Nichola, one of the causes he had fought for in the House of Commons got a welcome boost. A motion condemning the way that pensioners living abroad have their retirement pensions frozen was tabled on March 13th by Peter Bottomley, the Conservative MP for Worthing West. The motion, based on one prepared by Michael Colvin before his death, attracted 39 signatures from MPs across the political spectrum in just five days. It expresses ‘grave concern’ at the way these pensioners are treated and says the ‘denial of pension increases to persons who have paid National Insurance Contributions is indefensible…[when]…the National Insurance Fund has a surplus exceeding £5.9 billion.’ Michael Colvin had been planning to write a personal letter to every MP urging them to sign. 

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22 March 2000

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