Kew Bridge development

Where is it?

The site is the vacant plot shown below to the left of Kew Bridge and now includes the Waggon & Horses public house at the northwest of the site. It covers a total of about 0.85 hectares (2.1 acres). Below the current aerial view is a model of the new development to much the same scale and area.

Kew Bridge, part of the A 215 South Circular road, runs across the river from north to south. The development site is to the left of the bridge. The buildings to the left of the site are the Thameside Centre. Kew Bridge is a Grade II listed building and most of the area to the north and west of it is part of the Kew Bridge Conservation Area.

To the right of Kew Bridge is Strand on the Green, also a Conservation Area.

North of the new development is Kew Bridge Road, a mixture of Victorian buildings and modern flats. Although the new building will not take any of their legal entitlement to light, the residents opposite the frontage will find their clear view over the river replaced by the front of the building. In the late evening they may be affected by its shadow.

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The footprint of the development is shown here in red. However not all this land is owned by St George (see below for site plan). The blue line shows the footpath along the river and under the bridge. The pink area is Kew Bridge. Not all the red land is owned by the developers St George. The towpath, the river frontage, the road to the left of the bridge and the footway under the bridge are all public rights of way. The hook at the top left is the newly acquired site of the Waggon & Horses.




image John Thompson & Partners

This plan shows the land bought by St George in 2003 outlined in red. The tints are not relevant to ownership. In September 2007 St George also purchased the land to the west occupied by the Waggon & Horses. That land is not shown here. Apart from that, it is not known if St George has purchased any other land adjoining this site but none has been found. There is a right of way for access between the letters A and B. The three colour tints are not relevant.

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